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A Leader In Polymer Corrosion Control Systems



Polymer Corrosion Proof Material Groups :

FlakeGuard - Wellcoat FlakeGuard systems are premium vinyl ester, novolac vinyl 
ester and polyester thick andthin film linings and coatings and inert filler with various 
kinds of flakes with a moisture permeability of 0.0005 perm / inch. FlakeGuard series 
provide resistance to 75% sulfuric acid, 50% chromic acid, 50% nitric acid,glacial 
acetic acid, salts, solvents, bleaches, organic acids and high temperature up to 204℃.

LineGuard - Wellcoat LineGuard monolithic lining series of vinyl ester, novolac vinyl ester, epoxy, novolac epoxy 
and polyester provide outstanding corrosive chemicals and temperature resistant as well as a durable lining for 
immersion or mechanical abuse. Temperature resistant for immersion service is up to 93°C.

FloorGuard - Wellcoat FloorGuard systems are high performance epoxy, novolac epoxy, vinyl ester and novolac 
vinyl ester floor topping systems are designed for clean ability, chemical resistant, ESD, conductive, impact, 
abrasion resistant and crack-bridging capabilities.

CreteGuard - Wellcoat CreteGuard systems are three component heavy duty flooring material which provide 
excellent abrasion, traffic, high impact resistance, outstanding harsh chemicals and spillage of solvents resistance. 
The durable floor topping systems are designed for hand and power trowel applications and their dense surfaces 
provide penetration resistance and easy to clean.

Mortars - Wellcoat offers vinyl ester, epoxy, novolac epoxy and silicate based mortars for industrial and chemical 
processing plant are subject to harsh chemical, heavy loading, thermal and mechanical abuse.

Sealants - Wellcoat Sealants are two part of epoxy, polysulfide and urethane are capable of withstanding exposure 
to acids and organic solvents.

Fluoropolymers - Fluorolast caulks and coatings perform similarly to fluoropolymers in fluid environments. 
Fluorolast caulks and coatings are resistant to extremely harsh chemicals (likely as 98% sulfuric acid) and high 
temperature up to 204℃. Fluorolast products can successfully handle thermal cycling, flexing and vibration than 
any other coatings.

FRP, Dual Laminate Construction And Fluoropolymer Groups :

WellGrate - WellGrate Molded Fiberglass Grating combines thermosetting resin, likely as polyester, vinyl ester 
and epoxy, with fiberglass roving to form a superior characteristics of molded grating include:
Light weight, Long service life, Resistance to strong corrosion chemicals and solvents, Fire Retardant 
(meet ASTM E-84 flame spread rating of 25 or less), Easy to install & maintenance free, Skid resistant, 
Superior physical strength and impact absorbing, UV resistant and Non conductive.

FRP Filament - Wellcoat advance and pioneer the design and quality manufacturing of filament wound fiberglass 
pipelines, ducts, fittings, vessels, hoods, scrubbers, and stacks,from full vacuum service to 150 psig design 
pressure and up to 204℃ design temperature.

Wellcoat have developed the electrically conductive technique that allows the electric current to lead it 
to ground. There are instances
where the flow of an explosive gas, such as Hydrogen, will create a static 
charge in FRP Duct Systems. This charge must be bled off to ground. However, Standard FRP products 
will not allow this to occur.

Dual Laminate - Wellcoat Dual Laminate construction are available in the following three distinct classes of 
thermoplastic liner materials for the corrosion industry to serve the extremely chemicals environment.
Vinylchlorides (PVC & CPVC) : PVC and CPVC are at relative low cost, tough and flexible material for many acids 
and alkalis protection. PVC/FRP and CPVC/FRP are widely used in plating industry and zinc & copper plants. The 
temperature service of PVC/FRP is up to 80℃ and for CPVC/FRP is up to 100℃.
Polyilefins (PP & PE) : PP & PE are very low cost, good weld ability and better impact than PVC. PP & PE resist 
70% sulfuric acid, concentrated hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids and alkali solutions and many 
solvents likely as esters, ketones and alcohols.The temperature service of PP/FRP is up to 95℃.
Fluoropolymers (PVDF, ECTFE, ETFE, FEP, MFA, PFA) : The temperature service of PVDF/FRP and ECTFE/FRP 
are up to 110℃. The ECTFE is not dissolved by any know solvents to 149℃ and lower permeation rate than FEP. 
PVDF is excellent resistant to creep and fatigue. ECTFE/FRP is widely used in pulp and paper industry, 
semiconductor, strong chemicals resistant. PVDF/FRP is used for food and drug industry, semiconductor and ultra 
pure water industries.