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A Leader In Polymer Corrosion Control Systems


Markets :Markets :

Applications of Wellcoat acid proof systems include metal, non-metal, new and existing concrete structures, and GRP, 
for a variety of areas for the following industries & process :



Power Generation & FGD Application :


Inlet Dampers & Ducts

Outlet Dampers & Stacks

By Pass Dampers


Reaction Tanks

Pits and Trenches

Heavy Loading Foundations

Waste Water Treatment Areas

Water Boxes




Chemical Process Applications :


Chemical Process Floors

Primary & Secondary Storage Tanks

Heavy Traffic Areas

Oleum & 98% Sulfuric Acid Exposed Areas

Strong Caustic Exposed Areas

Pits, Trenches

Reaction Vessels

Heavy Loading Foundations

ROT Ducts & Stacks

Waste Water Treatment Areas


  Pulp & Paper Mill Applications:

Chemical Recovery Process
Associated Chemical Process
Pulp Process
Bleaching Plant
Floors, Pits and Trenches
Waste Water Treatment Areas
Green Liquor, Black Liquor And
White Liquor Storage




  Gas & Oil Refineries Application :

Off Shore Structures & Facilities
Storage Tank Yards
SAR Plant Areaes
Heat Exchangers
Reflux Drums
Sour Water Surge Drums
Heavy Loading Floors & Foundations
Waste Water Treatment Areas





  Electronics & Pharmaceutical Applications :

FAB, ESD & Conductive Floors
Exposed To Etching, Plating, oxidizing
   Chemicals Floors
Chemical Storage Areas
Drums Washing & Cleaning Areas
Truck Loading Floors
Aisle Way

Waste Water Treatment Areas


  Food & Beverage Applications:

Exposed To Chemicals Floors
Filling & Bottling Areas
Process Mixing And Blending Areas
Chemical Containment Areas
Truck Loading Floors
Waste Water Treatment Areas




  Others Applications:

● Harbors
● Slip Resistance For Ships
● Metal Finishing
● Transportation
● Hospitals
● LG & LPG
  Steel & Stainless Steelwork
● Biochemical Plants
● Ship Yard
● Fertilizers
● Incinerator
● Dam
● Others